GAA druk MAken 

Concept & Exhibition design


Work: concept & exhibition Design

Client: Graphic Workshop alkmaar

Location: Grote kerk, alkmaar, NL

Date: 2015

Collaborators: Bureau Gras

Graphic Workshop Alkmaar celebrated it's 40th birthday in 2015 with a manifestation about all facets of Graphic art. During this two-month event the 'Grote Kerk' in Alkmaar was transformed to a graphic workshop with silkscreen-tables, lithography presses, etch presses and more. Providing the participating artists in residence to show the wide spectrum of graphic art to more than 70.000 visitors.



Graphic art is more than just a print, it is an art-form that provides a lot of technical skills on behalf of the artist. While the outside world would normally only see the end-results the 'GAA Druk Maken' manifestation also showed the process behind the art. For two months the church transformed into a workshop celebrating all that makes graphic art special.


the manifestation

To show the techniques of rotogravure, letterpress and offset printing a studio was built in the choir area. Spread over the niches, choir aisle and consistory room an exhibition was installed with paper and textile graphic art that changed daily. Children could try out different techniques in the children's workshops, while the adults could get inspired by several lectures on the topic of art and craftsmanship.


The result

With 70.000 visitors and several press releases the event can truly be marked as successful. Keep you agenda ready because another edition is coming up in the summer of 2018. By popular demand we proudly present you 'GAA Drukt Door'.