Falsafa, Silk screen print

Falsafa, Silk screen print


The Kopper Maandag Prent of 2014 is designed by Nikkie Wester. The print is published under the title Falsafa and is derived from a fascination for the same Arabic philosophy. Within this movement geometry is used to understand the world and to aspire perfection. The regulation of patterns and the origin of the same, are seen as the ultimate beauty. A way to stimulate the intellect to the extreme.

The edition is a silkscreen print, printed in four colours and one pass in varnish on 300 gram Somerset,  cut at 25 x 32,5 cm.

The special package is designed by Sarai de Haan. It is printed in relief print, silkscreen print and foil pressing on 300 gram Kraftliner

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The Kopper Maandag Prent is a special edition of the Graphic Workshop Alkmaar. The origin of this print goes back to the Dark Ages and is seen as an aptitude, which is presented on the first Monday after Epiphany (also known as Kopper Maandag). Since 2011 this tradition is brought back to life by the Graphic Workshop Alkmaar.