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Beauty comes with age

An innovative textile research


Work: Textile design

Date: 2017



'Beauty Comes With Age' is an innovative textile project that contributes to sustainability in the textile and fashion industry. In collaboration with the Textile Museum Textile LAB Tilburg, a multi-layered fabric is developed to show hidden layers when it wears out. This feature allows the textile, instead of being discarded, to be cherished because of the damages that will gradually show their richness over time.


The concept

In this textile project multi-layered fabrics are developed in a counter-reaction to the modern day consumer and disposal society.

By allowing the material to age the user can develop a personal bond with the product, leaving a history with every scratch.



The process

The fabrics are made out of multiple
layers that, when damage occurs to
the outer layers, show the underlying
colours and materials, that were not
visible before. These fabrics become thus richer with wear and tear, making them not only more beautiful,
but also more sustainable. The goal is to again create durability by revaluation.


The result

Currently I am developing the textile into a unique textile product, planned to be launched soon!