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Conceptual design studio for textiles, interiors, products and more. combining design thinking and craftmanship to find unique and creative solutions.


Are you in need of a representative space? Do you want to communicate the history of your company in a modern way? Are you looking for an original design, made with care and dedication? Or does your business concept ask for a unique and durable product?


What we provide

In our conceptual design approach history, cultural heritage and craft all play an important role. We provide you modern day designs with a nod to the past. We listen to the demand of the customer and provide custom designs, whether you are in need of a sole concept or a finished product.

Where it began

Our fascination for history and craftsmanship lies in our predilection for craft techniques and the devotion that craftsmen used to display during the making process.

We are convinced that the love coming with the making of a product is transferred to the user of the same. An aspect, often underexposed or even forgotten, especially in the area of sustainability.

What we envision

Products made with love and care induce a relationship with there users and are therefore treated with more care, ensuring a higher durability. A form of sustainability by raising awareness, or as we call it sustainability by tradition. We strive, by using by this vision, to take part in our future heritage and even design it.


Are you also convinced that valuable history should not be forgotten or tucked away? Are you in need of designs made with love, care and dedication, please get in touch and take part in our shared future heritage. 

Send an email to or call +31(0)655 773 862


Our latest projects

Interior Textile Design | Droog Serre


Garden room design, commissioned by Droog

Textile Design | Beauty Comes With Age

Innovative textile research

Interior Textile Design | CACAU Curtain

Textile Design, commissioned by Droog


Other projects


Product Design | Fiske Fishsocks

The funniest socks for a cold winter

Product Design | Duisdoorne Blanket

Big enough to cuddle with two

Concept Design | 3D biking lane

Consiousness concept design in collaboration with Bureau Gras, commissioned by Hoogheemraadschap Delfland


Artwork | Kopper Maandag Prent

Silkscreen print made commissioned by Graphic Workshop Alkmaar

Product Design | Scarf collection

In collaboration with Mokum Lokum

Research | Falsafa

A research upon symmetry


Research | Stossen

A modern take on the Dutch folklore costume

Product Design | Jonghlabel

Collaboration with the product designer Anne de Jongh

Product Design | Benten blankets

Love blankets inspired by the Samurai costume


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