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The garden room

Interior Textile Design for Droog

Hotel Droog Serre totaal vanuit hoek 2500px.jpg

Work: interior Textile Design

Client: Droog Design

Location: Staalstraat 7A Amsterdam

Date: 2018

Collaborators: Anne Kranenborg | Bouwko Landstra

The space bearing the name 'serre' or conservatory, was translated into a garden room by using elements of original 17th Century greeneries as an inspiration. The patterns on the textile backdrops are derived from the constructions of the originals. The rigid steel construction in combination with the weightlessness of the glass was the inspiration for the lines of the wool and the translucent voile.



Since the space has multiple functions, both rentable for meetings as well as for weddings, the design contains three adjustable backdrops. This modular system allows the back walls to be bare or to divide the space in two without fully removing the elements and therefore keeping their acoustic quality.



Because of my great love for traditional craft all textiles for this project were handmade with care. The intensive process of sewing, transferring the image on the fabric, dry felting, harnessing, damping and cleaning, makes it a true piece of custom-made design.




The textile was installed by Bouwko Landstra of Landstra & de Vries.