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Fiske fishsocks

PRoduct design


Work: product design

Date: 2012

Collaborators: Jort de bosch kemper | Handknitters from bulgaria

pictures by: Jorien de waard  | Shari de boer

The 'Fiske Fishsocks' find their origin in a research upon the traditional Dutch folklore. Near the Dutch coast a special knittingstitch was used in the traditional fisherman's attire to keep them warm during rough weather.

With Fiske you wear modern day socks with a nod to the century old Dutch fishery. The used stitch has both a breathable as well as an insulating effect and is available in the colours Neon orange and Grey.



In the research 'Stossen' prior to the Fiske Fishsocks investigation upon Dutch folklore was combined with the family history of Nikkie Wester. With some fantasy and elements of Dutch folklore a funny sock was born.


how are they produced

The Fiske Fishsocks produced in Bulgaria by women who still possess the knowledge of hand knitting.

We can ensure that the socks are made in a sustainable way. Furthermore they  contribute to the preservation of the craft by passing on the knowledge and skills of knitting


where are they sold?

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