Your company's roots and its heritage are important. They tell your clients who you are and what you strive for in life and business. I help to make this visible in your textiles, interiors, products and more. My designs will translate your company's heritage in a new inspiring and future-proof way.


What I provide

In my conceptual design approach history, cultural heritage and craft all play an essential role. I provide you with modern-day designs with a nod to the past. I listen to the requests of the customer and deliver custom designs, whether you require a single concept or a finished product.

What I envision

Designs for textiles, interiors, products, services and more. All combining design thinking and craftsmanship to find unique and creative solutions which are sustainable for the future.

My own inspiration and heritage

Trained as a textile designer, my projects and works are based on a love for design concepts and a dedication to innovative craft techniques. My designs are characterized by sustainable and fun collaborations with companies, communities and young creatives.


Get in touch to find the future heritage designs of your textiles, interiors, products and more.

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