Summer Update

With a lot of satisfaction, I look back on the first half of 2019. There have been many activities, new connections and inspirational moments. Too much to mention all, so I present a small selection of the projects that I have been doing.

Textile exhibition
With great success, I presented the 'Scratch me' textile concept at CBK-Oost's second edition of CBKamer in Amsterdam. Compliments to Nienke Bruin for bringing together the best of textile design from Amsterdam and surrounding areas. My concept focused on slow-design to encourage people to create a users history with their belongings.

Workshop design thinking
Last February, I had the honour to be a guest lecturer in Africa at Atelier M, a São Tomean art education initiative by artist Kwamé Sousa. I guided eight art students in conceptual design thinking to give shape to the local cultural heritage of São Tomé.

' Dichtdruk'
A collaboration with well-known poet Elly de Waard resulted in a graphical artwork. Visualising Life, Living and the traces that it leaves behind, showing another perspective on history, cultural heritage and future heritage.

Proudly presenting this new revolutionary cosmetic brand, pioneering with all-natural products in the field of body care. I gave shape to the brand's identity as part of the Rebrandt design team, responsible for styling and concept development. Thanks, Ruud Winder and Peter Janssen for this energetic journey!

Finishing touches
With the red Garden Room curtains installed at Droog Amsterdam, it was time to finalise the design. A carpet connecting the paths of the courtyard was rolled out that completed the whole garden room look and feel. Many thanks to Bouwko Landstra for his attention to detail during installation.

Educating future creators
Teaching with the scope towards the future, I got a lot of energy working with my students at the Royal Academy of Art. During the lessons, we discussed art and life; sometimes, I was wondering who learned the most. My teaching experience is impossible without our fantastic team of colleagues: Zanne Zwart, Guido van der Linden, Munnus Zweerts, Max Bong, Hanneke van den Borne, Engelien van den Dool, Jordie Rovers, Pawel Pokutycki and Ludmilla Rodrigues.

Besides teaching at the academy, I provided internships emplacements for five interns: Simone Winder, Tanmay Vippulancha, Elodie Ravinala, Giulia Bistacchi and Julie Renaud.

N'Gola Art Festival
I proudly presented my weaving project during the N'Gola Art Biënnale on São Tomé e Príncipe. I started this project in 2016 and now showed a part of the curtain which I designed for the cultural centre CACAU in the capital of this small African island. In the last couple of years, I collaborated with 30 local craftsmen and women to realise a 90-metre curtain. My project was part of a varied programme full of local design, cultural performances as well as work from various artists from the African continent.

The Art Festival was founded in 1995 by João Carlos Silva. The edition of this year was curated by Renny Ramakers, co-founder of Droog in Amsterdam.

I feel very honoured working together with all these inspiring people mentioned above — big shout out to all of those who are helping me to create our future heritage.